SSD Drive Top 10

There are not moving parts to a solid state drive. NAND is a flash drive that acts like the spinning hard drive of the older SSDs. The NAND uses less energy because there is no spinning or moving parts. They also create less sound. Information is not stored on the flash disk so there is no need for defragging the drive. Because the drive is resist to temperature changes it can be use in colder weather as well as extremely hot temperatures. The aerospace and military industries use NAND drives because they are shock resistant and mechanical breakdown are non existent.

SSD NAND flash drives are for high capacity memory storage and the advantage of manipulation of the changing data. It has a much longer lifespan because it has no moving parts that can break down. Data gets retrieved by an address location so there is no noise in obtaining data. Blocks of memory are erased first which allows the NAND drive write faster. When copying large files and folders you will want a drive that can do it quickly.

The SSD drives can copy random files as well as images and video files at a much higher speed. The more channels your SSD drive has the faster your files will be copied. Launching photos and opening the files in a proper length of time is important to people who work with photos every day. SSD drives are designed to be equipped with a fast speed for photo lovers. USB drives are slower and make a lot of noise, while the SSD NAND drive is quiet and uses much less power. This has become an important feature for laptop users. Multitasking on your computer is often done while there is a virus scanner running but you are still working on your own project. You don’t need a scanning program to slow you down and with a good SSD drive you won’t experience any slowdowns.

A top of the line SSD drive will have features that perform well and are constructed well. They need to be made of the best components available to give you great performance. You’ll also want one that is compatible with the computer you already own. Everyone has a different use for buying a SSD drive. Some will only need it as a boot drive while others will want to use it as their main storage drive. Your boot drive contains all your crucial files and your operating system for when you are starting up your computer. Capacity is important and the SSD drives come in a variety of capacities so you can choose the best one for your situation. Drives differ in how fast they can read and write information. They are also constructed differently and you’ll want one that can state up to being used every day for many hours. Performance of your SSD drive is very important when you are giving it a lot of use on a steady basis. Installation of your SSD drive is also important and you’ll want one that has a kit for you to install it in a desktop computer if that’s where you are going to have it installed.

Among the very best are the OCZ Vertex 2, OCZ Aqility 2, and the Corsair Force, for MLC NAND solid state flash storage. All of these are highly rated for performance in giving you qualities of faster speed, are quieter, and have more efficient storage for memory then the traditional hard drive.