Crucial M4

If you are looking to improve the overall performance of your computer system, you need to start with the hard drive. This is the area of the system that slows the computer down the most. From waiting to load the operating system to attempting to find a desired file, using a spinning hard drive slows down the functionality of the computer, not to mention it overheats the system, causing the noisy fan to kick into action. This is why opting for a solid state drive, such as the Crucial M4 SSD (solid state drive) is such a valuable idea. With the new solid state drive, the operating system boots instantly, you are able to load files in the blink of an eye, and because there are no moving parts on the Crucial M4 SSD, the equipment is not going to overheat, which prevents the fan from ever going off. Of course, before you decide to go out and purchase a new Crucial M4 SSD, you need to understand all of the specifications of the device and determine if it is worth the price you pay for the equipment.

To start, there are many different storage sizes for the Crucial M4 SSD. Firstly, there is a 64 gigabyte unit, all the way up to a 512 gigabyte unit. All of these cards allow you to upgrade the equipment in the field, as occasionally you do need to download and install new firmware, which is all possible with an Internet connection. All of the different Crucial M4 SSD models also have RAID support and a SATA interface connection. The 2.5 inch connection allows you to use the equipment in just about any laptop computer, as most laptops use the smaller 2.5 inch hard drive size. If you are looking to use the Crucial M4 SSD in a desktop computer, you need to obtain a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter cable. This allows you to plug the new solid state drive directly into the desktop computer, which helps instantly improve the overall performance of the system.

The transfer rate for all Crucial M4 SSD formats is a 6 GB/s. The sequential read time is 500 BM a second for all of the solid state drives. However, the sequential write speed is different. For the smaller 64GB unit, it is 95 MB/s, while the top of the line 512 runs at 260 MB/s. The random read speed for all of the equipment is 45,000 IOPS, and the random 4K Write speed is 20,000 for the lower end Crucial M4 SSD, while the higher end Crucial M4 SSD has a random write speed of 50,000.

The weight for the equipment is exactly the same, at 75 grams, no matter which unit you are using. The equipment is also shock resistant up to 2-500hz. The warranty for the equipment lasts up to three years, although you shouldn’t have an issue with the equipment for many years. You are most likely going to need to upgrade your new Crucial M4 SSD solid state drive to a larger drive before you need to go out and replace it.

If you are looking to improve the overall performance of your computer, it is essential to look towards the hard drive you are using. The hard drive requires an extended thinking period in order to open the operating system, not to mention the time you must wait for it to load a file. With a solid state drive, such as the Crucial M4 SSD, you no longer need to wait for the equipment to load up, as it performs these feats in the blink of an eye.