OCZ Vertex 3

In this day and age of next generation solution, the new OCZ Vertex 3 series is an amazing break-through with its high-level of performance potential with the 6Gbps SATA interface. With its revolutionary IOPS performance, superior energy efficiency and maximum durability, OCZ Vertex 3 series is all set to amaze the users. As one of the first series of SSD with the newest feature of the Sandforce controller design, the new OCZ Vertex 3 series offers an outstanding performance.

The product is designed to meet the requirements and exceed the limit while performing in both chronological and arbitrary read and write rates to improve the overall PC performance. Also its incredible feature of 4k file boasts a writing capacity of 85,000 IOPS; it not only improves your PC performance, but also enhances productivity by bettering the multimedia applications. In short, this astounding OCZ Vertex 3 series will certainly take your work to the next level with its latest outstanding features.

Designed to offer the best performance through its most up-to-date features, ultra-modern technology and extensive durability, OCZ Vertex 3 truly lives up to its name. In addition, the product’s easy integration into all smart phones and desktop platforms make it a user-friendly Vertex series. With the features such as the TRIM support and improved IOPS, OCZ Vertex 3 optimizes the PC performance in every way. In the market, you will find Vertex 3 SSDs available in a number of capacities ranging from 60GB to 480GB. Each one also comes with a 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty.

OCZ Vertex 3 features a superior IOPS to offer the best PC performance. With its second generation SandForce SSD controller, OCZ Vertex 3 series is well-equipped to improve your overall computing experience to a significantly high level. Also the product’s 6Gbps SATA III interface enhances the product’s performance in order to offer you the best PC performance than any other SSD solution. In addition, the OCZ Vertex’s 120GB Max IOPS edition helps in amplifying the data output to a level of 75,000 IOPS in contrast to the regular capacity of 60,000 IOPS offered by the standard versions.

To offer you the best and superior PC performance and experience, the OCZ Vertex 3 series features highly energy efficient conditions in contrast to the conventional mechanical hard drive series. And the SSDs offers you best durability with no moving parts as found in regular versions. No wonder, the new OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs gives you a superior PC performance with next generation operating systems and platforms and in order to deliver you the best computing experience with the amazing storage solution.

With the ultra-modern TRIM Support, the OCZ Vertex 3 series maintain the PC performance at an optimal level. It also ensures that the newest TRIM functions actively deletes all types of invalid data from the memory of OCZ Vertex 3 series so that the regular write operations happen at a full speed. So you don’t even need to use the time-consuming erase command to reprogram the SSD for an improved performance. OCZ Vertex 3 series comes with 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapters. Hence, the product is compatible with both desktops and notebooks. Also the included 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch mounting basket with the product is compatible with all sort of standard hard drive mounting.

Undoubtedly, the new OCZ Vertex 3 series is a revolutionary product. However, there might be some discrepancy in the actual capacity of the product. This is because the OS calculates the capacity only in binary format, which in turn shows a lower capacity of SSD. Also the rated speeds may vary as the speed of SSD depends upon drivers, windows versions, file size and bio version. To get the best performance from your SSD, use the Native SATA 6Gbps and the P67 chipset together.

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