Samsung SSD Series 830

The Samsung SSD 380 series was released to the market in October of 2011. It’s 2.5 inch, 7mm form makes it uniquely sized for the ultra-thin laptops, but Samsung has two separate bundles that will make it possible for the SSD to replace drives in desktop and other laptops. The first bundle includes a dive bay adapter, cables, documentation, and software for desktop users. The second bundle includes cables, bay converters for USB connector to allow for use of Norton Ghost.

The SSD is available in: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB

And, includes Norton Ghost—128GB or higher—and Samsung SSD Magician. It can be used as an external drive or with the Norton Ghost is easily ready to replace your present hard drive.

The drive uses flash memory instead of plates giving it a much faster performance and less heat, creating a more stable drive. The Samsung SSD is manufactured completely in-house by Samsung, and all parts bear their name. It’s made of brushed aluminum and is solid black with a sleek appearance with only the Samsung marking the surface. The SSD Magician allows for management and over provisioning of the drive, OS optimization, FW/Update, while the Norton allows you to transfer your present drive to the new drive with ease. The drive includes a flash chip that enables data transfer rate of 133 MB, and a 3-Cored ARM9-based MCX controller to execute multiple instructions during operation.

It’s recommended that the Samsung SSD 380 series be used with newer OS that include TRIM (delete and format); however, it is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, or XP, and Mac and Linux operating systems. The drive also includes 256 dram cache making it able to access more memory even if the access increases. The combination of memory, drive size, and Samsung’s reputation make this SSD the drive for the enthusiast looking to maximize output while maintaining stability. It’s an easy switch with the Norton Ghost, and the SSD Magician to optimize the drives full potential, and all the extras that are included in the packaging. The SSD Magician also includes Secure Erase so that the SSD can be returned to factory condition if the user wishes.

There’s no reason not to increase your computer’s performance potential with all that is included in this packaging. You will want to purchase the superb read and write capability and random access the Samsung SSD 830 Series gives a desktop or laptop.


  • Form Factor; 2.5, 3.5
  • Max Read/Write Speed; up to 520MB/s read, and 320 MB/s write
  • Interface; SATA, SATA II, and SATA III (6GBps)
  • IOPS; 80,000 random read speed, and 30,000 random write speed